Why is Cloud Computing the Future of Enterprise Application Platform?


Why is Cloud Computing the Future of Enterprise Application Platform?

In the history of technology, the last few years have been the most astonishing and have seen a constant evolution of innovations. In this competitive digital age, continuous up-gradation is the only way to survive, flourish, and stay connected to your users. Welcome to the era of Cloud Computing! 

We know that cloud computing is recognized for storing and managing Big Data, but the cloud has grown to become more than just storage now. It has evolved into a space where businesses can host their own private, on-premise systems powered by open-source software.

Whether public or private, cloud computing offers scalability and easy access to IT services and computing resources. Cloud computing is anything that uses the internet to deliver hosted services. These services can be divided into three categories:

  • PaaS- Platform as a Service
  • IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service
  • SaaS- Software as a Service


As the future of cloud computing begins to take off, thousands more possibilities for enterprise applications and solutions emerge.

These remote servers create dependency on the technological infrastructure with cloud-based services. Cloud computing creates practices that can keep people informed by supporting mobile access through smart devices. Thanks to the low-cost infrastructure for enterprise solutions mixed with the high-value services, cloud computing has created a buzz and demand for it.


Enterprise Applications

Even though cloud-ready apps are usually simple to transfer to the cloud with minimal effort, they will still be costly when it comes to upkeep. Not to forget, when it is idle, it consumes more resources than most other types of applications, making them challenging to optimize.

Cloud-optimized apps, on the other hand, are more adaptable and cost-effective. Therefore, this sort of application takes a different strategy, focusing on PaaS (Platform as a Service) models making them more scalable and maintainable as compared to cloud-ready-only apps.


Enterprise Solutions

The enterprise solutions are shifting to the cloud with speed when it comes to data workloads.

Hybrid cloud infrastructures can be challenging to deal with. However, this combination of the public and private cloud can be managed by the organization itself.

Get the opportunity to import virtual machines or VMs from VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V on mainstream cloud platforms.


Here are a few points that can help you understand why cloud computing is essential for Enterprise Application Platform:

  • As more firms use cloud apps, the benefits of cloud computing can be explored to its core. Moreover, its utmost appealing benefits, such as effective collaboration and content sharing features, make it more desirable to the industry.
  • When you migrate your services to the cloud, you can expect a steep improvement in your overall data security. Not just that, cloud computing makes it a whole lot easier to comply with government regulations while providing flexibility and scalability.
  • As a third-party provider of IT infrastructure and data hosting, business leaders like you may concentrate on creating a positive client experience and fulfilling business objectives.
  • When you opt for cloud computing, you get benefits like mobility and experience immense improvement in business insights.
  • Boost your database! Leave behind the traditional on-site database systems and shift to  Database as a Service, or DBaaS. This allows for a pay-per-use basis and offers secure cloud-based database services for sufficient storage for enterprise-level requirements.
  • Private cloud servers are becoming the standard for the future as it utilizes the same technology as public cloud infrastructure. Cloud technology is noted for its flexibility, speed, and efficiency, as well as its capacity to adapt to changing market conditions.


Cloud computing empowers enterprise application-based businesses to create a better customer experience, scale solutions, increase compliance, and, of course, improve data security.

Convinced with the power of cloud computing but unsure how to start? We at LRF Enterprises can help you and your business make the best of cloud computing by improving collaboration and efficiency across the board. Our experience in the industry gives us the edge to assist you with the cloud infrastructure and unlock its potential for your business.

Contact us to know more about our solutions and how you can become a part of the evolved enterprise application future that’s driven by cloud computing.

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