Why are PPC Ads More Effective Than Organic Ads?


Why are PPC Ads More Effective Than Organic Ads?

When it comes to internet search, deciding whether to dedicate resources to organic search (SEO) or paid search (PPC) is not a simple task. The choice depends on a variety of factors including budget, audience behavior, and your organization’s marketing goals. 


What is organic search marketing?

This kind of marketing is when the company invests in methods to improve the website’s organic rankings on the search engine results page. SEO (search engine optimization), is a long-term process that requires daily attention. 


What is paid search marketing?

With paid search marketing, an advertiser pays to buy an immediate ranking on a results page, above the organic search results. PPC ads are text based ads that can include images, such as product listing ads or display ads on other websites. Advertisers here are concerned with improving the ads quality scores, and the relevance of keywords, in order to achieve better results.


If you are an e-commerce website, planning to compete with the likes of Amazon and others, your website is surely going to struggle to outrank using organic search results. PPC ads help to kickstart the brand awareness campaign. With the help of PPC marketing, specific audiences can be targeted for sales. 

Organic ads and PPC ads are efficient methods of driving traffic to a website. Proven to achieve results together, yet, there are situations where one wins over the other. Here we discuss why PPC campaigns are better than organic ads!


Having the chance to display an ad only when someone searches for a specific keyword and pay for it only when they click, is priceless. There are a number of good things about PPC advertising. Hadn’t it been so successful, users wouldn’t pay for it.


  1. Results are instant 

The best thing about pay per click is that you can see the outcome right away. That is as long as your landing pages are decent. You need a call to action, so make sure your phone number and contact forms are available and easy to use. You will have to pay according to the competition, however, there are other factors as well that are taken into consideration, such as the quality of your titles and content.


  1. Appear above organic rankings 

When using a PPC campaign, your website appears first on the search engine results page. This ranking makes the audience notice you first before scrolling below. Paid ads enable you to rank above organic search results. One can also pay to display PPC ads on relevant websites other than Google. 


  1. Easier to understand 

PPC ads are easier to understand. Once a proper campaign has been set up and optimized for a couple of weeks, the work is mostly all set. One can also get professional support from official Google employees who help set up campaigns, a luxury that one cannot get with organic ads. 


  1. Specific audience targeting 

Trying to get your content in front of the right audience is a sure thing with PPC ads, as they can be targeted by demographics, keywords, language, location, time, and old visitors. With PPC ads, you can display certain ads in one location, while displaying other ads in a different location at the same time.


  1. Buyer oriented 

Most of the clicks one gets from PPC ads are buyer-oriented. We all know that search traffic has higher conversion rates. The same goes for paid search advertising. It offers higher conversions than social media and Facebook advertising. Search engines like Google only show ads if it thinks it’s relevant to the potential customers. So, the users intend to dictate whether an ad should be visible or not. If the keyword is a buyer keyword, there are higher chances of an ad display. 


  1. Simple to A/B test

All one has to do is set up two ads and let them run. Whichever gets the most CTR wins. You have to keep doing this to improve the results. A 1% increase in CTR can be a game-changer in some situations.


Every business ultimately wants to sell more and earn a higher profit. To achieve this, driving relevant traffic to your website via PPC is a great option. PPC ads are the best bet to reinforce marketing efforts. 

With PPC ads, and with the help of LRF Enterprises, you can get eyeballs on your content and grow your leads and sales.

If you would like to learn more about how LRF enterprises can help manage your digital campaigns, connect with one of our PPC experts today!

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