Organic vs. Paid Social Media: How to Leverage Both?


Organic vs. Paid Social Media: How to Leverage Both?

Most of us have personal accounts on social media platforms, and everyone tries to handle them in the best way. But, using these social media platforms for business is a little different. You need to create a social presence for your business, build the brand values, and keep finding ways to promote your products/services. 

When you organically post some content, you have to wait for the audience to respond. But, when it comes to paid social media, it is a different world of opportunities.
Now, you may doubt that; how can you know when to use organic methods and when to pay to reach a wider audience? Go through the following information, where we will guide you to clear this confusion. 

Let’s begin with understanding the concepts of Paid and Organic Social Media Marketing.

Comparison Between Organic and Paid Social Media
Using social media organically refers to posting your content for free. Paying for advertising your content and reaching a larger audience is paid social media.

The people already following you will see your organic posts and content, which they can share further with their contacts. Thus, your organic posts are spread through your followers and their connections, which requires no cost. On the other hand, you have to pay for ads on social platforms that will show your content to the target audience based on various parameters.
The best thing can be to combine organic and paid social media to ‘boost’ your best organic content in front of a wider audience. This strategy is very effective in the case of organic posts which perform well.

Leveraging Organic Social Media
You must understand the types of content to share on social media and the value of posting organically. Before posting your content on digital platforms, make sure you want to dedicatedly reach your existing customers following you, and then go for additional organic reach. Another aspect of organic posts is that they become a part of your social website. The number of people who prefer to visit your social media before visiting your website will decide based on your content posted on the page.

Follow the best practices while posting organically, as mentioned below.

  • You should minimize your promotions
    Instead of focusing on sales talk, you should concentrate on spreading valuable content from the audience’s point of view. Try to inspire and educate them with stories, and allow them to know and trust you.
  • Focus on maximizing your personality
    As you are reducing the selling efforts, utilize this opportunity by showcasing your audience who you are. You can show off your company values, the people behind your business, and your passion as a brand.
  • Try to reinforce your brand
    You should not miss the opportunity to reinforce your brand with the help of organic content. Whatever you want to communicate to your audience, bring it to the top of your social media platforms.


Leveraging Paid Social Media
If you have started a new business, you can use paid methods to drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness quickly. Running paid campaigns might feel daunting, but it helps generate sales which is your ultimate goal. Boosting your organic posts is another paid method that also gives better results. But, since you get more control over your ads through the ads manager, it is recommended to go for it than simply boosting. Paid social campaigns have proven to give excellent results to businesses these days, so you could invest in this method to gain a competitive advantage.

Run your paid campaigns by following the below-mentioned practices.

  • Choose the right audience
    To drive incredible results, you must deliver the right message to the right audience, so focus on targeting the right audience for your business.
  • Call to action must be clear
    Provide a clear Call to Action (CTA) to avoid confusing your audience while inviting them to your website for expected sales or other actions.
  • Keep it short but attractive
    Since unknown people will be seeing your Ad, make it short but attractive, delivering your message and giving you the results.
  • Testing is the key
    Keep trying and testing various strategies with various messages and call to action to know which best suits you and delivers expected results.

Finding the best marketing method for your brand can be a huge task. So why not consult the experts? To best utilize the potential of both paid and organic social media for your business, reach us at LRF Enterprises and experience the advantages of social media for your business!

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