Cloud Trends Which Shall Dominate 2022


Cloud Trends Which Shall Dominate 2022

Cloud computing has been on the rise for a while now. However, the CoronaVirus pandemic has resulted in this becoming a truly indispensable part of the process for most companies, with many of them having switched to cloud technology to combat and tackle production-related problems effectively. Cloud computing is becoming more used than ever as businesses adopt data-driven business models, remote and hybrid work environments, and global supply networks. New deployment patterns continue to develop, offering businesses of all sizes and sectors more options for consuming and benefitting from cloud investments. 

With access to on-demand processing capacity, highly scalable platforms, and a more flexible approach to IT expenses, the cloud has progressed from cutting-edge technology to a vital IT resource. Cloud trends showcase how new technology alters how businesses function and spend their IT expenditures.  

On that note, here are a few cloud trends that we are confident will dominate 2022! These trends will help shape the direction of the industry as a whole. As a business, you need to stay on top of these trends and use them to your advantage.  


  1. Tackling Latency Issues

Cloud service providers have been working tirelessly to ensure minimum outages, lags and latency issues to improve the overall user experience and increase productivity and efficiency. Companies use edge computing to improve efficiency by reducing latency, overhead costs and managing security risks. 


  1. New and Improved Security

With our increasing reliance on cloud technology, we have also become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-threats and attacks. Cloud service providers are doing their utmost to ensure better and improved security measures to combat this. In addition, the expansion of cloud services is driving new AI applications that stem beyond malware protection. Security automation, frequently offered in the next-generation cloud, can decrease the time and resources needed to manage user access and reduce human error manually. 


  1. Rise in Gaming Culture

The Covid pandemic may have brought a great many things to a screeching halt. However, the culture of gaming is not one of those things. If anything, gaming has seen a sharp incline and gained widespread popularity because people have been stuck at home for so long. Due to the increased usage, game creators are now seeking the services of cloud service providers to fulfill the demand. What’s more? With the pandemic having turned the world upside down and the Work from Home era being the new normal, we are confident that this one trend is here to stay for good, and much like the pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon.


  1. Serverless Functions 

Serverless computing has been around for many years now. It is currently being given more importance by all the big players in the cloud computing world. It promises a legitimate pay-as-you-go model that lets businesses pay only for the used services. Serverless computing also eliminates the risk of back-end failures and offers safe sandboxes for enterprises to implement their code. 


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