7 Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

When undertaken effectively, social media marketing can work wonders to attract a lot of new eyes to your service or product, establish you as an invaluable gem in the industry, and gain lots of visibility for your brand. However, used the wrong way, and you could end up sending thousands of valuable marketing dollars on […]

6 Steps to Attracting Paid Traffic That Converts

Even though you might be getting a lot of website traffic, if you cannot convert that traffic into leads, you cannot build a funnel to help make sales. Without sales, there won’t be any revenue. And revenue and profits, one cannot invest back into traffic and lead generation.  Here, the focus should be on gaining […]

3 Ways Agencies Should Measure Marketing ROI

Marketing is crucial for promoting and expanding businesses, including agencies. Measuring the return on investment is critical in marketing. That is because ROI in marketing measures the robust performance of marketing campaigns, both online and offline, which can influence the marketing spend, strategy, and more. One can calculate ROI with the marketing ROI formula: (Return […]

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