Top 8 IoT applications and examples in business

The Internet of Things (loT) has increasingly simplified our daily lives. It’s also reshaping the way companies are doing business. Like the shift to computers and the shift to mobiles, loT is not just a trend; it’s a total game changer, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation.  Combine loT with technologies like artificial intelligence […]

Cloud Trends Which Shall Dominate 2022

Cloud computing has been on the rise for a while now. However, the CoronaVirus pandemic has resulted in this becoming a truly indispensable part of the process for most companies, with many of them having switched to cloud technology to combat and tackle production-related problems effectively. Cloud computing is becoming more used than ever as […]

8 Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

We can all agree that not all internal IT services are equipped to keep up with innovation. Managed IT services, meaning the handover of the IT operations to a provider, comes to the rescue in such a case. It includes 24×7 network monitoring, problem resolution, security, and IT support on demand. Organizations prefer going for […]

HR and Cloud Computing: How the Cloud is Transforming HR?

The introduction of cloud computing has been one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years. Cloud computing has now made its way into the human resources department, transforming how it functions daily.  Not only do businesses now have more affordable HR at their disposal, but the cloud has increased the solutions available to […]

Why is IT Monitoring and Reporting Critical to Your Company’s Success?

The IT monitoring process helps analysts determine whether the IT equipment is online and performing to the expected service levels, while resolving any issues. Considering its usefulness, many companies are now adopting IT monitoring and reporting.  IT monitoring tools range from basic checks to more advanced tools that can precisely examine a product’s performance, or […]

How AI is Changing the Real Estate Landscape

It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the world. It has been the buzzword in many businesses for years. Some take it with a grain of salt, while others are motivated to implement it in their businesses. The global real estate industry is no exception to this fact.  Many successful realtors […]

4 Key Managed Services Trends to Watch in 2022

With technology rapidly evolving, managed services providers (MSPs) have become crucial for companies’ IT environments. MSPs cover a valuable role in the business ecosystem. They offer small-to-medium-sized businesses various IT-related services, from network security to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).  MSPs haven’t been the new kid on the block for business models in a long time, having been […]

Why Should Real Estate Firms Hire Managed Services?

Business owners across industries continuously seek cost-effective solutions to increase productivity. The same applies to realtors in the growing real estate industry. Businesses of all sizes look to leverage technologies but struggle when an in-house IT department and budget are non-existent. To prevent the core business from suffering, many opt to extend their IT to […]

How Do Successful Companies Back up Data?

In today’s fast-paced business world, data is everything. From vital application data to sensitive client files, companies today are powered by data. According to research, last year, nearly 42% of companies experienced a data loss situation that resulted in downtime. This left many businesses with gaps in the valuable data available for recovery.  Regular data […]

Cloud Computing in Healthcare: What Are the Advantages and Benefits?

Technology has been constantly advancing, especially in the highly competitive healthcare industry. Over the last few years, the acquisition of cloud technology has experienced a great upward trend. Healthcare providers across the globe have come to realize the true potential of cloud-based healthcare solutions.  Cloud computing is a flexible and cost-effective solution that enables health […]

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