8 Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services


8 Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

We can all agree that not all internal IT services are equipped to keep up with innovation. Managed IT services, meaning the handover of the IT operations to a provider, comes to the rescue in such a case. It includes 24×7 network monitoring, problem resolution, security, and IT support on demand.

Organizations prefer going for managed IT services as it can help in achieving several corporate initiatives and optimize productivity. The several benefits can directly impact the cost savings of businesses. IDC (International Data Corporation) researched how valuable Managed IT can be for companies. It noted that almost $400,000 could be saved each year for every 100 users.

Here are the financial benefits of choosing Managed IT services!


  1. Infrastructure Expenses

Infrastructure costs can be saved in several ways by switching to a Managed IT provider. When the provider takes control, your business can downsize your infrastructure on-site while using their data centers. You can save on the required space, the hardware needed, storage space costs, and the energy needed to power through.

Additionally, you also save a lot in terms of training, consulting, or licensing whenever needed. The best part is that all costs are covered in a single monthly amount, which ensures better management through a single provider.


  1. Saves Initial Investment

If you are a business that is starting and setting up, managed IT services can save you from the upfront investment of technology costs. You can choose to pay a lower monthly investment instead of huge upfront software and hardware costs. The service being an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure, managing resources becomes easier.

Even updating to new software is a part of the service so that you don’t need to pay additional for keeping up with the technology.


  1. Reduce Downtime & Increase Productivity

All businesses can seek help from technology to enhance their processes and growth. The IDC research noted that managed IT services helped reduce server or network downtime by 85%; wherein previously, an employee lost 12.4 hours/yearly due to server downtime and 6.2 hours/yearly due to network downtime.


  1. Core Objectives for the IT Staff

Your IT staff can be quite overburdened with resolving employee issues or fixing equipment problems and might not be able to focus on their core responsibilities. When you choose managed IT services, you can hand over all the tasks related to the IT environment to the provider. Hence, your in-house IT staff can remain focused on their core priorities more. The IDC study noted that businesses saved more in terms of reallocating resources or additional staffing costs, with a total increase of 42% in productivity.


  1. Predictable Monthly Costs

Budgeting becomes easier for your business as you know how much you will be paying and what services you will receive. With managed IT, you pay the same amount regardless of the amount of support you need that month. It keeps you aware of all costs and can increase flexibility in terms of investing in other areas.


  1. Immediate Support From Experts

Businesses face many IT problems which can create disruptions in productivity. Resolving these issues can take quite a bit of time and money. But with Managed IT, you no longer need to wait for hours to get the issue resolved. An expert can help out with all your technical problems so that your employees can also get back on track in no time. Additionally, your business is getting the extra data security from the provider and the compliance regulations are adhered to.


  1. Flexibility in Expansion

Your support structure will also need to grow when your business grows. For example, when you’re thinking about scaling up by hiring more employees, you can simply talk to your provider without much confusion and complicated procedures. With Managed IT services, you can make the decisions about expanding your business needs easily.


  1. Overall Business Growth

Last but not least, your path to business growth will have lesser obstacles. When the IT environment is well-supported by a reliable provider, your overall productivity increases and thus your revenue too. An increase in productivity combined with cost-cutting can give you a better return on investment. IDC calculated an annual benefit of $229,511 and an overall ROI of 224% in the three-year ROI analysis when businesses switched to managed IT services.


Managed IT helps ensure the right resources and people are allocated in the best possible ways. It can also support investing in new resources, improving customer satisfaction, and refining the agility of the organization.


With such crucial benefits, choosing the right managed IT services provider becomes important too. LRF ENTERPRISES®, an internationally established company offering Managed IT services, can be your full-service business partner. 

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