5 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Engagement


5 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Marketing has become easier but also complex with advances in social media. It can boost brand awareness and conversions for many businesses. Social media has become a key catalyst for brand growth. Every business must promote its brand through social media and engage customers. It’s not just about content but how you post it and how it engages customers. 

Here are the top 5 tips to increase your social media engagement.


  • Talk about Your Field

Many people only talk about their brand when it comes to brand awareness. You might not have followers and an audience to share your content when you’re just starting. Hence, it is beneficial if you join groups or create them and talk about your niche. Create forums where key influencers and potential customers can participate in the discussion. This ensures that you smartly spread your brand. You may talk about your industry’s latest trends, which enables customers to see how your brand brings value. You can also join a Q&A session where you can offer relevant answers to queries to get the attention of your potential customers.


  • Create & Share Relevant Content

Once you have gained your own following, you need to find ways to keep them hooked to your brand. You can have your own FAQs, blogs, and in-depth guides on your social media and website. If the content is easily accessible and insightful, people will see how helpful your services are. A dedicated customer response team needs to be set up as your audience will want answers to their queries almost instantly. You can even share others’ content relevant to your customers so that they are attracted to your brand for the insights you provide, be it yours or others. You as a brand can like or share trending news or issues related to your industry. This shows everyone that you value the social happenings in your industry beyond your brand.

Let’s all agree that people can be hesitant to go through long boring chunks of content without any visual elements. However, images, videos, emoticons, and GIFs can be great additions to your marketing content. With so many media options today, bring some color and emotions to your content!


  • Make Customers Feel Important

It is essential to let your followers know that you share their content. It may mean re-posting posts by your followers, which gives them a sense of excitement. They feel good about being reposted on the official business feed, encouraging them to engage with your brand. This is an effortless way to get more exposure for your brand. Try responding to every customer post related to your business, even one that mentions your specific hashtag. Last but not least, the personalization of each response can help build customer loyalty. Greet customers by their names, showing them that the business is friendly and each answer is carefully crafted.


  • Collaborating with Influencers

Bloggers and social media influencers exist in almost every field now, and they have a huge loyal fan following. It can be helpful if your brand collaborates with them to get your content shared. It is usually an exchange where you offer the influencer in return for them sharing your posts with your prospective customers. You can even make your hashtags that influencers can use during promotions. It helps you as a brand to track discussions around that topic and connect with the people who are using it. You can even host contests or giveaways on your page or with the help of an influencer. It could be a discount code, cheaper membership, or a freebie that ensures your page gets a lot of engagement.


  • Use Analytics to Monitor Progress

Analytics tools help you monitor the levels of engagement on your website and social media pages. You can check the number of clicks and views to find which time and efforts work best for your posts. You can use the insights to make necessary changes for future campaigns. There are different tools for different social media platforms, and there are many in general. You can experiment with a few to get the data from the platforms you’re using.


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